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At trade shows throughout North America, one day is usually designated as “student day”, where would-be beauticians get an inside look into the most fascinating industry in the world…the beauty industry.

It’s an unimaginable sight for most wide-eyed students.Music, videos, live demos, banners, lights, free samples, and stylists clipping hair at hummingbird-like speed.Student days are my favorite show days now, because I get to hear first hand, the dreams of so many young stylists.

My first trade show experience was at the 2004 Cosmoprof–North America in Las Vegas, Nevada.I was in awe at the massive displays of gadgets, shampoos, scissors, hair extensions, and a thousand other things that make up the beauty industry.I came there to learn, ask questions, and transform myself from a novice to a beauty professional.But my most important task was to attempt to sell our new line of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions.

I remember the first day at the trade show with Kristi my wife doubling as my business partner. We were two young, frightened entrepreneurs with not much more than a dream.I remember wondering if any attendees would ever find our small unprofessionally, decorated booth.

That weekend launched Donna Bella Milan but becoming an industry professional took much longer to achieve.I worried whether our fledgling business would ever make its mark on the industry or if Kristi and I could make a living manufacturing hair extensions.

You may be wondering yourself, whether your efforts as a stylist or beauty specialist will pay off.I assure you that they will, if specific steps are taken.Whether you are just starting your career as a stylist, or beauty specialist, or may have hit a plateau and want to re-start your efforts, here are four tips that will help you maintain focus and refresh your resolve.

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

Problems arise, circumstances change, and people are always willing to offer you advice.If you want to be a stylist, if you want to own a salon, if you want to make a name for yourself in this industry…never believe anyone who claims that you can’t reach your goal.It’s your dream and no one can pry success from your grasp, except you.

Be Willing To Sacrifice

Sacrificing something now for a future outcome is the only way to survive during the early years of building a business.Many days, you will feel like quitting but don’t let discouragement win.Be ready to sacrifice entertainment, time, sleep, food, TV, Saturday mornings, clothes, lunch hours, Facebook, cars, jewelry, and obligations to relatives.In order to have something that lasts, you must learn to do without NOW.

Be Innovative

You can’t get a customer’s attention unless your products and services are special in someway.Too many business owners think that their only real competitive advantage is price.That is not true.Delivering unique and useful products and services are much more important.In fact, if price is the most important competitive advantage, then lookout, your customers will always be searching for the next deal.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Your customers are full of expectations based upon previous experience or promises you make.Constantly amaze your clients by going the extra mile.As you build your business and customer list, have a clear understanding of what your client is expecting and then wow-them by over-delivering on your promise because of your skills or extraordinary service.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella Blog.