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Item has been added to your cart has put together a list of the best and worst hair cities in America. The list is built off a number of variables collected from each city's annual reports, to determine which cities have the best conditions for beautiful hair. And it includes: humidity levels, pollution, rainfall, wind speeds, water hardness, demographics and the number of beauty salonsper capita. To find out if your city falls into the best or worst category, see below.

Best Hair Cities:

1. Santa Barbara

2. Honolulu

3. San Diego

4. Anchorage Alaska

5. San Francisco

6. New York

7. Miami

8. Los Angeles

9. Denver

10. Boston

11. Chicago

Worst Hair Cities

1. Corpus Christi, Texas

2. Olympia, Washington

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Phoenix, Arizona

6. Pensacola, Florida

7. Fresno, California

8. Houston, Texas

9. Tucson, Arizona

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

11. Cincinnati, Ohio

12. Albuquerque, New Mexico

13. Eugene, Oregon