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In efforts to get his students' attention, a teacher in Crystal Mn put himself on the line. He challenged his students that if 4,000 dollars could be raised, he would cut off his hair. Hair that reached the middle of his back and hadn't been cut in 30 years! Its a big cut and a big change. But it's for a big cause.

Megan Nurnberger, a 6th grader at the school, was diagnosed with Leukemia least year. And it was while she was trying to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, that Mr. Wright came up with the hair challenge.

Well, the students were so motivated to see Mr. Wright without his hair that they ended up raising more than 5,500 dollars! And the students chanted "Shave his head!" as Megan got to cut off the teachers ponytail!

It is stories like these that should remind us that we can all make a difference and help a little, if only we use our heads. And our hair!

For more information go to: http://www.kbmt12.com/news/local/47149522.html