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There's probably over a hundred ways to dry your hair without a towel, and probably a thousand products you could use to do it "safely." Launchpad's feature article this month is all about that...being blown away by the volume (pun intended) of hair drying solutions available on the market today. Here's a snippet of the article by Jeryl E. Spear:

In the hands of a gifted stylist, hair can be made to look stunning with the flip of a beat-up brush and the puny output of a cheap blow-dryer. But why go through all that angst when there are so many state-of-the-art blow-dryers that can turn an ordinary styling session into a sleek, effortless experience? The latest tools dry hair up to 50-percent faster than old-fashioned models, leave the hair in far better condition and are so lightweight that you can blow out one long-haired beauty after another—and still be ready for more action. Beyond their heavy-duty switches, cool shots and multiple heat settings, state-of-the-art professional blow-dryers emit beneficial negative ions to help tame the frizzies and boost productivity behind the chair by speeding up drying times. Genuine ionic blow-dryers also have a deodorizing effect that makes hair smell fresh and clean, even after a night of clubbing.