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Gone are the days of one chemical cure-alls regardless of skin color. We no longer rely on out dated cultural stereotypes when addressing how to "tame" a particular head of hair. Technology and society have come a long way, and now every skin color under the rainbow, with its accompanying hair type, is being treated in a unique way by stylists all over the world.

This months featured article from Launchpad, gets to the heart of this issue. Here's a clip of the article by Jeryl E. Spear and Alyson Osterman

Twirling textures are coiling their way into the hearts—and services—of stylists. What lies beneath those pretty manes is anyone’s guess these days, as America’s melting pot continues to serve up an ever-growing blend of multicultural diversity. To keep pace with the spiraling array of textures, ambitious stylists are doing more than just honing their chemical skills; they’re becoming purveyors of products that can make even a fierce ’fro do their silky bidding.

Fortunately for beauty pros working in the “mix,” haircare manufacturers have come a long way since the days when a crevasse divided “black” and “white” hair. Today, with skin colors ranging from milky white to ebony and every luscious shade in between, forward-thinking stylists are addressing the needs of multicultural hair through its texture, and not the client’s ethnicity. And like today’s state-of-the-art skincare products that can make the complexion look and behave beautifully, multicultural haircare products are also leveraging the latest high-tech and naturally derived.