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Beauty Launchpad's article of the month examines the current short and edgy hair craze in China. While extensions and change it up style are all the rage in the West, in the East, girls and women alike are taking style cues from China "idol" Li Yuchun. Here's a snippet of the article by Chen Nan Yang:

From China’s bamboo forest villages in Yunnan to the high-rises of Shanghai, Mongolian Cow Yogurt Super Girl—a hugely popular American Idol-like TV program—has created quite a stir. And when Li Yuchun, a music student with a tomboy haircut and girl-next-door beauty, won the coveted title, she spawned a new short and edgy hairstyling craze among young girls living across the vast expanse of Mainland China.

Super Girl also created a significant shift among young Chinese girls who previously never wore a definitive hairstyle before they turned 18. Today a 15-year-old Chinese girl may wear a fashion-forward, sometimes even exaggerated, hairstyle. China’s passion for beauty and fashion is also being influenced both near and far, driving a new wave of ideas across cultural and financial boundaries.