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Not that long ago, your only sensible option for applying hair extensions was sewing the weft to the roots of the hair.Technology has changed all of that.It’s a thankful reminder that our industry is always evolving and that applying extensions these days is as easy as 1,2,3.

Small changes can be revolutionary.With hair extensions, small metal cylinders known as a “micro beads” have been responsible for single handedly launching hair extensions into mainstream hair salons across the world.Prior to the bead’s use, few hair specialists had the knowledge, patience, or dexterity to sew-in extensions.Beads have changed all of that.

There are three easy steps to attaching beads.

  1. Slide the bead onto the natural hair.
  2. Insert the hair extension tip into the bead.
  3. Clamp the bead shut to secure its placement.

Now, every stylist of any age, in every specialty can become a hair extension expert in a very short period of time.We have seen hundreds of stylists catch onto the system during a quick demonstration at our trade show booth.Many more of you will perfect the skill through online training while learning at your own pace and convenience.

Micro beads are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and metals.Using the right bead will result in better looking and longer lasting hair extensions.

When purchasing beads LOOK FOR:

Beads Of The Best Material

The most advanced beads are made of aluminum.Avoid beads made of copper, steel, and tin.These metals can tarnish, crack, and loose color when exposed to water and shampoos and may eventually, irritate the scalp.These metals easily oxidize and change color.Aluminum beads are stable, long lasting and without a doubt the highest quality beads available.

Beads That Match Root Tones

There is no need to match the bead color to the large variety of hair extension colors.Instead, buy beads that match the basic shade of your client’s natural root system; black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, or red.When attached, beads are seldom seen and when matched to your client’s root tone, beads are less likely to be noticed at all.

Beads That Have Groves

Beads can either have a slick, flat surface on the inner side of the bead or be manufactured with grooves or threads similar to the inside of a nut.These threads ensure a tight grip when the bead is flattened onto the pre-tipped keratin strand.Aluminum beads with groves rarely slip and are easily removed when the extension is ready to be replaced.

Beads That Fit Onto A Loop Tool

Speed and accuracy are critical factors in your success as a stylist.  The fastest way to load beads onto the hair is to use a really good bead loop tool.  The tool stores about twenty-five beads at a time and quickly loads each bead onto the clients existing locks.  For efficient use of your time, make sure that you use a loop tool that is designed for aluminum micro beads.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella blog.