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CUT IT OUT, a national nonprofit organized as the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, announced today the launch of a major national outreach initiative in the fight against domestic abuse. During the month of August, 2006, the organization will distribute free of charge more than 2,000 comprehensive educational seminar kits designed to train DV community service providers to conduct CUT IT OUT seminars within their local communities.

The initiative is the latest step in the program’s mission to mobilize salon professionals and others in the fight against domestic abuse. The CUT IT OUT Seminar Kit includes a Facilitator’s Guide, which provides an overview of the program. Also included are instructions for reaching the salon community and step-by-step directions for conducting seminars, a Seminar Instruction Manual, a Seminar DVD, and tips for generating local media coverage.

“CUT IT OUT has broadened its reach with the creation and distribution of these kits to every state Attorney General, every state coalition and other community service providers across the country,” stated Dianne Mooney, co-founder of the CUT IT OUT organization. “We are committed to continuing the fight to end domestic abuse and have been particularly ambitious with this major mailing.”

Praise for the program has been far reaching and includes the following:

“I strongly urge any state that has the opportunity to participate in CUT IT OUT to do so without hesitation.”
- Vicki Bourus, Executive Director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
“…a wonderful, creative way to address domestic abuse…”
- Maryland Attorney General, J. Joseph Curran, Jr.
“…a vital tool in our community’s response to the problem of domestic abuse…”
- Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard
“…an innovative program for outreach…we have found the materials most effective in educating and motivating salon professionals…”
- Carol Gundlach, Executive Director, Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence
“…The CUT IT OUT program is an integral part of our mission…”
- Leslie Landis, Director, Chicago Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence