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A blow dryer is a blow dryer, right? Wrong. Depends on the style you're after, if you're drying hair extensions, if you've got short hair and you use product, or your hair is long and you'll catch cold if you don't dry it fast. Beauty Launchpad Magazine's feature article this month is all about how to pick a hair dryer - and when to know if the manufacturer is just blowing hot air. Here's a snippet of the article by Liz Barrett:

Manufacturers educate you about the trends in blow dryer technology and how to make the sale.

Imagine for a moment a world with no blow dryers. Can you picture a sea of women walking around with frizzy hair tied back in ponytails because they had no way of styling it? Or worse yet, picture stringy, stick-straight hair hanging lifelessly from women suffering with an eternal bad hair day? Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it?

Each year manufacturers put their noses to the grindstone to crank out the newest, most innovative products to keep hair in top form. They depend on you to put this new technology into the hands of stylists and consumers. Are you holding up your end of the bargain? Read on to find out.

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