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23 year old model and actress (and certified nail tech) Danielle Lloyd channeled Michael Jackson on the set of her new work out video recently - apparently she was standing too close to a studio set light and her extensions caught on fire.

We wonder if it's a case of bad karma for her insulting behavior on the UK's Big Brother set when Lloyd made disparaging racist remarks about roommate, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty? Lloyd is likely unaware that her hair extensions came from an Indian temple.

Apparently a grip nearby was nice enough to help her as she started to panic, saving her from serious burns to the face. A source told an Irish newspaper,

"He was a hero. Without his action she could have suffered hideous burns. She was very upset and knows she had a lucky escape."

She's currently in Ireland finishing up filming on her work out DVD. I guess even she needs a paycheck, especially after all her sponsors dropped her after her appearance and behavior on Big Brother.