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Diane Lane, award-winning actress, appeared on NBC's Today Show this morning and had her hair cut off on live television in the official launch of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. At the same time, 50 women volunteers across the country are having eight inches of their hair cut in a hair donation that will go to making no-cost wigs for women who have lost their hair during chemotherapy cancer treatment. The campaign is hoping to inspire women and men to make a gift of their healthy hair, cutting it to create wigs for women in need.

In addition, Pantene will launch the program with a $1 million donation to the Women's Cancer Research Fund for cancer research. "This simple act of cutting my hair is going to make a profound difference to a woman who is fighting to regain both her health and sense of self," Lane said. "My dream is that every woman who hears about Pantene Beautiful Lengths will become inspired to grow her hair and donate a natural resource that only she can give." You can watch pre-show outtakes of the broadcast, as well as the Hope Pass it On video at Pantene Beautiful Lengths website. So far, no video has been posted of this mornings show.