If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve more than likely seen our new announcement. We have officially launched a hair extension line for the non-commitment extension lovers called Sono Hair.

Sono Hair offers 100% Human Hair bangs and Solos (known as crown extensions). Other options you’ll get to enjoy when shopping Sono is deciding on how many grams of hair you’ll want out of the 3 different lengths that are offered. The colors are very similar to Donna Bella’s so you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite color.

Don’t you hate having to find a place where you can safely store your hair extensions without them getting matted or tangled? Sono offers a hanger for purchase specially made to hold your extensions in place. Just clip them in the hanger and put them in your closet to make storing a lot easier for you and a lot better for your extensions.

And if that’s not enough, Sono Hair is dedicated to teaching you how to style your hair in the most unique ways. Find us on YouTube and let our Sono girls teach you step-by-step how to install your Sono Hair and style them so they look natural and fabulous!

If you haven’t stopped by the Sono online store, make sure you check it out to become familiar with all the Sono products. Questions? Comments? Drop them in the box below!