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This week we announced our sale on all pink products to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so from September 1-October 31 all of our pink hair will be available at a 10% discount. Donna Bella Hair will then donate 50% of proceeds from pink hair and pink product sales to the the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Who do you wear pink for? More than likely, we all know someone who is or was diagnosed with breast cancer. One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with it during their lifetime. There is always something we wish we could do. This is your chance to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Your contribution will give women free mammograms, education, and give to the world renowned research centers.

Go moderate or all out! We’re still in the vibrant colors trend— We’ve seen ombres with every hue of the rainbow, including mermaid hair. This is the perfect time to try out that pink hair you’ve coveted but never dared. You can choose to do a few highlights, a full pink ombre, pink mermaid hair, or if you’re daring enough… a full head of pink monotone hair. It’s not only the trend, it has a purpose! Best of all  you don’t have to put your natural hair through the coloring process and Donna Bella Hair extensions can be taken out any time.

To start contributing, visit and shop your pink products to help us fight breast cancer. For more information about our Pink Strands for the Cause event, please visit