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Consultations are always the best part of the hair extension business. You get to meet different clients who come from different walks of life. For some, hair extensions are simply a luxury they enjoy, while for others, it’s a lifestyle they can’t do without. The consultation is also the most important piece of their experience. Because of how much time and money they are putting into the process, hair extensions are an investment for them, so they expect you to work a miracle even though sometimes it cannot be done. To make sure your consultation goes well for you and your client, use the following tips.

Be upfront. First-time hair extension wearers have never experienced this type of service before, and since they haven’t a clue, they may have some really high expectations for you. Before they come in for their appointment with you, tell them to bring in some pictures of what they imagine their hair will look like. Most of the time, women get their inspirations from hairstyles they’ve seen on social media or on a celebrity. Having a picture will let you visualize exactly what your client is envisioning. In some rare cases, you won’t be able to take them from “zero to hero.” Either their hair is too short or too thin for their method of choice, the color isn’t flattering for their skin tone, or their face frame requires a different cut or color, etc... So to avoid a difficult client, it is your job to be honest with them and provide a professional opinion. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

Educate. As a stylist you tend to forget that not everyone knows what you do. Make sure that at the consultation you give your client all the details they’ll need to know, from the installation process to the aftercare and reinstallation. Make sure you cover the how-to’s for washing their hair with the right products, plus how to style (brushing and using heat). It might even help to create a cheat sheet with all the info that you can send home with them. It’s a way to not only set yourself apart from the rest of the hairstylists, but to give your client a reference they can run to when in doubt.

Commit. Toward the end of the consultation make sure you and the client are both in agreement about the course of action. Make sure they understand what you expect from them, for example, having their hair ready for installation (clarified and free of any moisture, etc…), and that you understand what they expect from you (custom color job, more volume, more length, etc…). Make sure you both have a clear understanding so that, come installation day, there are no unexpected surprises.

Having issues with your consultations? Leave a comment below. We’ll get you the help you need!