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This blog entry is for all of our fellow hair extension competitors that frequent our web site.  That’s right, you know who you are and so do we.

Due to our new and nifty software, we can watch you enter the site, see what you’re looking at and when you exit.  We can even see how many times you click on our hair extension adwords.  They call that “click-fraud”, fraud being the key word.  We’d normally contact you, but thankfully Google has been very nice to credit us back for every time you click our ad.

It’s been very entertaining to watch you make changes to your site, strategy, prices, packaging etc. to become more like Donna Bella Hair.  Here’s the problem though, you can copy everything you want, but you’ll never be able to copy the QUALITY of our hair.

Donna Bella hair extensions have become a favorite choice among stylists around the world for the consistent high quality of TRUE REMY HUMAN HAIR.  Without giving too much away and for our (non-competitor) regular readers, here’s how we do it.

It first starts with where we get our hair.  Our exclusive source is one of kind.  Remember these are not factories that can just stamp out endless amounts of human hair.  Each hair we sell comes from thousands of young women who spend years growing their hair before it is cut.  Once we have the newly cut hair, in most cases, we will lift the original color before depositing the new.  This is not a quick bleach job.  The lifting and depositing process can take up to 20 days.

For trade secret reasons, we can't explain the full process in detail.  We will tell you however that our manufacturing process is unlike any other out there.

You’ll here other companies using such claims as Indian temples, remy, cuticle, European, Virgin etc.  Don’t let these fancy marketing terms fool you.  Yes, these terms are real, but unfortunately in our hair extension industry, they are loosely used and in many cases are flat out lies.

So as a professional stylist, you may ask yourself which hair extension companies can I trust?  We won’t speak for the other hair companies out there vying for your business, but we will say this.

Unfortunately we find that salons all over the world usually have a few bad experiences with hair extensions and then do one of two things.  First, give up because they don’t want to deal with the headache of unhappy clients.  Or, secondly, they keep looking until they find one of the very few companies that can consistently supply a superior product.

Thank you to the thousands of stylists that found us.  We really enjoy working with you and watching your hair extension clientele grow.