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Some habits are hard to break. We've posted here many times stating the importance of giving your scalp a break between visits to the extension salon - but we never thought we'd see such silly antics over $40 worth of hair extensions from a local beauty supply store.

According to the Dallas News, three unidentified woman entered Wigs and Beauty Supply in the 5700 block of Lovell Avenue on Monday afternoon, September 22nd. One woman headed to the back of the store and another woman, according to the assulted store owner, seemed to function as a sort of lookout at the front. A third woman walked along the wig aisles.

The 47-year-old store owner watched the third woman take items off the shelf and put them in a tan bag, police said. When the owner confronted the woman, she opened her bag to reveal hair extensions and a wig worth about $40.

When he told her to put the items back, she grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against a wall. She reached into her waistband as if she had a weapon, police said.

One of the other women yelled, "Mom, let's go!"

Wow. I'd thought I'd heard it all - but it looks like the cops will be dealing with a new set of addicts who'll do anything for $40 worth of hair extensions.