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It's no secret to anyone that fashion and beauty play a big part in the magic of TV. And American Idol is no exception. After all, what would the show be like if the contestants were expected to wear their own worn out clothes and style their own bland hair dos? I imagine it wouldn't have the same allure. I think the idea of overnight makeovers is part of its magic... Never knowing that to expect from each idol wannabee.

So, how do they go from one hair extreme to another in just one day? Hair extensions of course! Although Allison Iraheta's recent 80's rocker hair was not welcomed with open arms, that's the beauty of hair extensions! Tomorrow she can re-appear and redeem herself with a whole new do! And her Cindy Lauper-ish hair will quickly be forgotten. [If it weren't for the photos at least!]

But hair extensions are certainly not just an American thing. Known as "Britain's hottest newcomer," Rosie Jones recently had hair extensions put in because she says her hair is too thin and she wants volume. Although, she insisted her extensions be done free of charge, that is hardly the point.

The point here is that hair extensions offer more than just length. Whether it is volume you are after, or 80's rocker hair, hair extensions are the quickest way to a drastic or dynamic new you.

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