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During these difficult economic times it seems there are more people job hunting than not. Which means that the need for jobs is much higher then the amount of jobs available. Which in turn means you need to make a good first impression just to stand out from all the other applicants.

The most important part of a first impression is the very first moment that the interviewer lays eyes on you. It is in those first few seconds that they make an initial opinion of you. And if the impression isn't a positive one then you will spend the entire interview trying to win them over. It is certainly best to start off with a good impression, that way you get to focus on what you would bring to the company, rather then trying to make up for what you are wearing or what hairstyle you have.

When choosing an outfit and hairstyle for the job, make sure to consider the position you are applying for. Certainly you will want to pick something that your are comfortable with, but that also fits the job and will impress the interviewer. If its a job at a law firm then you should choose something conservative and professional. And if its a job at a music label then its ok to be a little bit more edgy.

When choosing a hairstyle pick something that doesn't swallow you or hide your face. Something fresh and clean, and something comfortable so that you aren't distracted by your locks while you are trying to promote yourself and your skills. An interviewer is likely more drawn to someone who looks put together and like they take care of themselves.

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