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Since Congress has demanded that spring come a few weeks early this year, what with the early daylight savings etc, we thought it would be more than appropriate to feature an article or two on coming trends for Spring 07. It looks like this Spring it'll be more than bright colors that bring us out of the drab winter months of January and February - fun fabrids and other unique materials are being heralded as the color/layer cure to the winter blues. Here's a bit of Dayspa Magazine's article by by Andrea Renskoff:

From featherweight frocks to a timeless queen’s ruffles, spring fashion frames femininity in an otherworldly glow. Perhaps to escape real world problems and to shed the long, dark winter days, spring fashion lightens us up this year with a surprise: It’s fabrics, not colors, that take center stage. From voile to chiffon, satin to crepe, paper-thin materials wafted their way onto almost every designer’s runway, as draped, sheer dresses and skirts with loads of sweep whispered like a carefree, midday breeze. Style vanguard Marie Antoinette fits right in this season with her billowing sleeves and bodices that use yards and yards of silk. Ethereal, fairy-like looks are completed with flower hair accessories—just give us tulle wings and we’ll fly away!

Gossamer visions float on the street as well, with refined, layered separates and moonlight-catching evening wear. The key is in resisting typical spring colors. “Spring can bring vibrant colors, but this year it’s a subdued and sophisticated palette that’s pretty next to the skin tone,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Carlstadt, New Jersey. Gray makes its move from fall into spring with a soft and shimmery undertone. “Strawberry Ice is a combination of warm and cool pinks that cast a beautiful glow on the skin, especially in combination with gray,” Eiseman says.

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