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"Recycle, reduce, reuse" ... a phrase that's become all too common during these tough economic times. It seems it has become second nature for everyone, from the stars down to all us average Joe's, to do everything possible to stretch every dollar. And every type of company is advertising its own ways to be more green. From grocery store reusable bags, to hybrid cars, and nature safe cleaning products.

But does a recession mean our beautiful hair has to be sacrificed as well? No, according to Raquel Watter, co-owner of RikRak salon on Brickell Avenue in Miami. Raquel has invented something she calls the ''Recession Extension,'' a process in which the old extensions are basically recycled -- that is, removed from the head, washed, blown dry and retaped to the real hair shaft.

This new procedure is $150. Down from a pricey $600-$1000 for new extensions.

Other salons have started teaching their clients how to keep their hair healthy in between salon visits. Senior designer Linda Sherwood, of the James Bentley Salon on West 57th Street, shares recipes of home remedies with her clients, to condition their hair using items they can find in their own kitchen. For example: mashing one avocado with a half cup of milk. Apply to hair and let sit for 30 minutes. The avocado adds moisture while the milk adds shine.

I think the lesson here is that even during a recession there is no reason to make your hair take the brunt of it.