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Clippers and trimmers have evolved beyond the barbershop, and stylists couldn’t be more eager to welcome them into their salons. Here's a portion of the article of the month over at Beauty Store Business magazine, by Julie Sturgeon:

When it comes to clippers and trimmers, professional stylists’ reactions have evolved from “whatever” to “what will they think of next?” And savvy beauty store owners and managers are more than happy to take advantage of their excitement. After all, this category yields 40% profit margins on larger ticket items, and the demand in the market is increasing tenfold, points out David Guerin, the global artistic director for Jarden Consumer Solutions, which includes Oster Professional Products, based in Boca Raton, Florida.

He’s not just a spokesperson—he’s also a salon owner who works behind the chair. “People in this industry are finding out that clippers are becoming as important as a pair of shoes,” Guerin says. Which means where the market once supported three major manufacturers, now more than 20 have jumped into this arena. Even the public—and the Hispanic market in particular—has seized the idea, purchasing clippers and trimmers to make their kitchen chair barbering easier and more predictable.

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