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Beauty Launchpad magazine this month has an article about treating your hair right, and what to do if you have real hair health issues. While playing on the theme of real life issues, which require serious attention and the help of professionals, Amy Dodds writes about the need for the occasional hair intervention:

Is your client blondorexic—addicted to retouching and in need of a detox? Or is she self-medicating with the wrong scalp treatment? Sounds like it’s time to stage a hair intervention!

The first step in recovery is seeking professional help. When she finally comes to see you about her tortured tresses, she’s serious about hair rehabilitation. Today’s hair and scalp treatments can cure what ails ye, whether it’s a scalp that looks more like a snow drift; fine, limp hair in desperate need of some oomph; or highly damaged hair caused by everything from too-frequent haircoloring to way too much fun in the sun. Naturally, getting her hair back into the salon fold requires promises that must not be broken. “It’s essential to provide a detailed explanation to your client of the reasons why and how to use the products to target his or her specific problems,” stresses Melissa Gates, seminar leader, The Studio, LA. In addition to committing her to an outpatient program that includes a full regimen of targeted haircare products, help your client get the healthy, beautiful hair and scalp she craves with these awesome treatments.