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Hair, fashion, and beauty change with the seasons - but that's no reason to despair. With publications like Beauty Launchpad out there, you can depend on cutting edge and timely information to keep you on top of the latest styles.

Beauty Launchpad does it again with another great article on the top hair cuts and color designs that will set your salon and your stylists up for the fall.

Here's a bit of the article by Jeryl E. Spear:

The latest chrome-injected hair fashions mirror beauty at its brightest.
The time has come to get thee to class and bone up on your cutting and coloring skills.

The hottest hair trends are trading shattered shapes for precision lines, and the season’s coloring techniques put the usual burnished reds and warm caramel highlights to rest.

So what are the hottest looks for fall? Hmm, let us count the ways. Here are the top 10 cuts and color designs that women will be craving this fall.