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There are many religions, cultures and societies that have for millenia touted the great power of human energy fields. Often, these energy fields are disrupted by our daily activities and certainly by the myriad emotions and roller coaster that is life on this earth. Spa's across North America are turning to energy therapies intended to heal, enliven, and restore the balance in each of us. Dayspa Magazine's featured article of the month deals directly with this new type of treatment. Here's an excerpt from their new November article by Linda Jacobson-Kossoff:

It’s one of those terms that some therapists and alternative medicine practitioners use to explain how their treatments work, but that also tends to leave a vague-at-best impression on the listener’s mind. It’s always difficult to crystallize a concept that can’t be tangibly seen, held, heard or smelt, but like so many therapies that have been embraced in the modern wellness community, energy work is gaining credibility as more people take the plunge and reap the rewards.