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A new trend in hair length has been spotted.

The trend: When money goes short, so does the hair. It seems that most recently women have been cutting back. Literally. From every day women to celebrities such as Rihanna and Rachel McAdams. It's being said that the length of a woman's hair is an indicator of consumer confidence. Sort of like your modern day Hemline Index. For those of you who don't know what I mean, allow me to explain:

Hemline Index: In 1926, economist George Taylor presented a theory which stated that hemlines on women's dresses rise along with stock prices. In good economies, such as in the 1960's, miniskirts are all the craze. And in poor economic times, such as the 1929 Wall Street Crash, hemlines plummeted overnight.

When there is uncertainty in the economy, women realize they have less money and less time to spend on hair. So naturally, the scissors come out. If you are wondering why these trends arent measured on men, well, its simple... Women are typically the ones in charge of the budget. So they are more sensitive to fiscal change. It seems these days women have more to worry about then their hair.