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When I was little I was terribly afraid of Hulk Hogan. He was what my nightmares consisted of. And when I think about it now, it makes perfect sense. Because 1. I didn't know he was human. I thought for sure "That's what Satan must look like." and 2. I didn't know his act was fake, or that his show was for entertainment. I thought it was a glimpse, like a news broadcast, of what Satan had recently been up to or whom he'd been beating up.

Now in my later years, and thanks to his reality TV show, I realize he is just a lovable, over-protective, goober of a dad. Who wears neon Speedos and gets hair extensions, yes hair extensions. But the hair thing is a new development. His Ex wife used to color his hair that ever-glowing snow white he is known for. But since they split he had to do it himself, which didn't go so successfully. Causing what very little hair he had left to fall out of his tan scalp, he has resorted to extensions! Ive heard that he is hoping to have a comeback in his career. If that's the case perhaps he should have kept the extensions a secret. It's gonna be hard for him to get his fellow wrestlers to take him and his hair seriously!

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