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As perfectly pointed out in this article by, today's stars get a little help from their friends. And isn't it fab to know a hairstylist or two to help you keep that perfect look. Genetics aside, the Stars we admire are far more normal looking day to day that we're led to believe.

Rachel Weisz notes:

"In real life I'm very unpolished. Dressing for the red carpet is fantasy time, but in my day-to-day life, I'm very grungy."

Well, that's a relief. With the cameras snapping 24/7 for the perfect shot of your mug, it's probably a really good thing that our favorite celebrities can take comfort in the fact that their stylist friends will help them look their best. Apparently, Weisz' hair stylist opted for extensions on Oscar night, lots of curly extensions. She now admits that she's growing her hair out because she loved the unruly look when they were down.
The article is a great read, and you can check it out here.