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The secret is out! Hybrid Wefts are here to make their mark on salons everywhere, and we think you’re going to love them as much as we do. Learn the ins and outs of Donna Bella’s Hybrid Weft extensions!

What are Hybrid Weft extensions?

We’ve combined the seamless blend and comfort of a Hand Tied Weft and the long-lasting durability of a Machine Bonded Weft to give you an extension easily tailored for any style. From dramatic updos to flawless beach waves, Hybrid Wefts are here to take natural beauty and confidence to the next level. 

How are Hybrid Wefts different from our other extensions?

The biggest difference you’ll find about Hybrid Wefts is how it’s installed. This is Donna Bella’s first sew-in installation method that will give your clients everything they need and want in hair extensions. Peep the perks below! 

  • Full movement: Whether it’s up or down, curly or straight, your clients can wear them however they want.
  • Seamless and comfortable: Hybrid Wefts lay flat on the head for a flawless natural blend.
  • And a whole lot of VOLUME: Stack up to three wefts on a single row for incredible volume that redefines hair goals!

  • BUT, what really makes Hybrid Wefts a standout among all other extension methods is its customizable design! Each weft can be cut to fit every head shape perfectly without the worry of unraveling (the machine bond keeps the weft intact). This gives you the freedom to customize each install to the wants and needs of your clients.

    How are Hybrid Weft extensions installed?

    The Hybrid Weft is installed by sewing a weft of hair onto a track of silicone beads without the use of chemicals or adhesives. The machine bond keeps the hair securely intact so when you are ready to make the cut, you can do so with full trust that it will not unravel. This ensures durability and a long-lasting wear. We recommend scheduling maintenance appointments every 6 - 8 weeks. If you want to learn more about installing Hybrid Wefts, click here (link to Hybrid Weft Education page) to get certified!

    What tools are needed for installation?

    • Loop Tool (Link to Loop Tool PDP): installs silicone beads into the natural hair.
    • Luxe Tool (Link to Luxe Tool PDP): secures silicone beads in place.
    • Beads (silicone) (Link to Beads PDP): acts as a base to secure Hybrid Wefts through sew-in points.
    • Mini Clips (Link to Mini Clips PDP): holds Hybrid Weft in place during the application process.
    • Thread (Link to Thread PDP): secures Hybrid Wefts in the beaded row.
    • Weaving Needles (Link to Weaving Needles PDP): sews Hybrid Wefts along the beaded row.
    • Stork Shears (Link to Stork Shears PDP): cuts Hybrid Wefts for customizable install.
    • Quick Pick (Link to Quick Pick PDP): sections out the hair in clean partings. 

    What lengths do Hybrid Wefts come in?

    Freedom and customization in your installs is the goal to keep your clients smiling and confident even after they leave your chair. Hybrid Wefts offer length options AND width options! This allows you to better meet your client’s individual needs in both length and volume! Hybrid Wefts are available in:

    • 18” Full (98” width)
    • 18” Half (55” width)
    • 22” Full (102” width)
    • 22” Half (59” width)

    What does proper maintenance look like for Hybrid Wefts?

    Just like our other extension methods, proper maintenance plays an essential role in keeping your client’s extension looking as good as they did when you first installed them. Here are our top 5 hair care tips to relay to your clients:

  • Brush! Brush! Brush! Brush your extensions 2 - 3 times a day with Donna Bella’s Extension Brush (link to Extension Brush PDP) starting from the ends and working upward. Gently brush over the wefts, pulling outward, to avoid loosening the thread. 
      • Clean extensions are happy extensions! We recommend you wash your extensions about once or twice a week with sulfate-free products. Take special care to condition from the mid-shaft down. 
  • Always use a heat protectant. Apply this type of product before applying any hot tools to your luscious locks.
  • Avoid salt and chlorinated water. Just like your natural hair, salt and chlorine can cause damage to your extensions. No one has time for that! 
  • Sleep in complete luxury! Wear your hair in a loose braid or ponytail for bed and sleep on a silk pillowcase. (link to Silk Pillowcase PDP) Make sure your hair is dry before your head hits the pillow! 

  • Are you ready to bring Hybrid Wefts into your salon? Click here (link to Hybrid Weft page) to start shopping today!