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This is by far one of the worst feelings not only for the client, but for the stylist as well. No matter how bad the damage is, no one likes to say g’bye to inches of hair. Being the one responsible for that damage can lead to losing a great client and damaging your reputation as a stylist (on top of feeling extremely guilty for the mishap). But there is a little bit of hope: it might not seem like it, but hair extensions can help rectify the situation so your client can feel better and help you save your name in the biz. Afterall, in the hair business, word of mouth is the most powerful tool, right?

As a stylist. You feel worse than horrible but the damage has already been done. Your next option would be to either cut it off (depending on the damage, this could be a very drastic option and chances are, your client will not like this at all). Or, offer to install hair extensions. This will definitely bring some consolation. It’s also an opportunity to gain a new hair extension client who has never worn extensions before. Do you charge them? Put it this way, if someone burned off all of your hair, would you like them to charge you for an installation you wouldn’t otherwise need? We’ll leave you to answer that. Of course, they should pay for the cost of the hair but if you really care about your client and your reputation, installation cost should be negotiated.

As a client. Try to be as calm as possible. This is a very traumatizing situation, but remember: your stylist didn’t mean to do it on purpose. Because we all have different hair types, not all hair is going to react the same way to certain treatments. And even though as stylists we take every precaution, sometimes things happen. So, let’s check out your options depending on the damage:

  • SUPER DAMAGED. This is where mostly all your hair broke off (neckline short). The best hair extensions for this hair would be a 12” or 14” length of I-Link or Kera-Link—anything longer will give you a mullet effect. Tape-Ins might be hard to hide but it doesn’t mean you can’t choose that method. It’s best to consult your stylist.
  • WELL DAMAGED. This is where your hair lost a good number of inches (shoulder length). The best hair extensions for this hair would be a 14”, 16”, or  maybe an 18” length of any method. It’s long enough to try to go 18”, but it  may or may not blend as well. Ask your stylist.
  • SOMEWHAT DAMAGED. You lost some inches or you may have lost some thickness. Any length or method will work for you.

Hair extensions help hair grow if installed properly—healthy hair or not. Women love the fullness, length, and versatility it creates. Who knows, your client may become a fan in the process, leaving you with a new extensions client. And, as a client, you may gain back some trust in your stylist.

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