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Researchers claim to have found a way to treat cancer, that doesn't cause patients to loose their hair. The treatment, which is led by Queensland University, involves shutting down cancer causing genes in tumor cells, without killing healthy tissue. It's a technology which can inactivate individual genes. The team has observed an average of 70% reduction in tumor size, on a cervical cancer mouse.

This is big news in the development of cancer cures. Up until now, patients have relied on surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. And while millions have benefited from these treatments, they also underwent many challenging side effects, including incredible sickness and substantial hair loss.

To package these treatments safely is a complex process. The drugs currently have to be packaged in lipid rich carriers because they are unstable in room temperature. So clearly there is still much to learn and perfect in this process. But the researchers are so excited about their findings and what this will mean for future cancer patients.

To learn more go to: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Health--Science/Cancer-drug-that-wont-cause-hair-loss/articleshow/4620075.cms