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(via BTC) Kenra, LLC, Indianapolis-based manufacturer and marketer of beauty and hair care products since1929 has been recently acquired by Imperial Capital Corporation of Toronto, Ontario. The brands of Kenra, Ltd. include Kenra Classic, Kenra Platinum, Elasta QP and Elucence.

Patrick Ludwig, President of Kenra, noted, “Kenra, in partnership with our distributor network, has always strived to deliver the highest quality products and services exclusively to the professional salon industry. As a result, we have experienced 10 years of outstanding growth, and we anticipate this trend to accelerate. Kenra has already established a strong working relationship with Imperial Capital, and we believe it will have a positive impact on our business moving forward. Our primary objective has always been, and will continue to be, to exceed the expectations of our loyal salons, stylists and their clients.”

Kenra, Ltd. also formulates and markets the Elucence and Elasta QP product lines. Elucence, a multi-cultural professional offering, is an emerging brand made from natural ingredients. Elucence blends proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals together into special formulas designed to balance, strengthen, condition and relax your hair.

Elasta QP is a leading, trusted hair care brand for African-American women and men. Respected nationally as a manufacturer of high-quality products, Elasta QP targets both the professional as well as the consumer base. Originally marketed solely as a professional [salon] product, Elasta QP is now considered a preferred, global brand for stylists and consumers alike. Elasta QP continues to embrace and to promote natural, healthy hair with products that enhance this state of hair. “A longtime provider of quality hair care products, the Elasta QP brand can be found in retail locations across North America and beyond. Imperial Capital’s reputation and strong record of helping companies grow and prosper are a perfect complement to our solid distribution base, salon following, and loyal consumers.” says Dave Gordon, President of Elasta QP / Elucence. “We look forward to working with them as we continue to develop and market the very finest products for men and women of color.”

Bob Goehrke, CEO of Cleveland-based Dream Team Marketers International Inc., served as the "industry expert" for the acquisition. "My objective is to identify and work with best-of-class companies." says Goehrke, who has helped build various world-class beauty brands, including Clairol, Matrix, and Bath & Body Works. "Kenra produces superior products and has strong growth potential – it's a great acquisition for Imperial Capital. Kenra is one of the strongest salon brands because it is never diverted to the mass marketplace – that's one of the main reasons why salons have been so supportive of Kenra over the years.”