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Had occasion yet this season to do a triple take at that lady passing on the street? It's not her clothes (although undoubtedly well put together) or the "do" (also most likely stunning), but what makes you crank your neck around in disbelief is the amazingly layered makeup.

Beauty Launchpad magazine is calling these ladies the Sirens of fall - and beware, those Manhattan sidewalks could be a little closer than imagined.

Here's a clip from Karie L. Frost's Launchpad article this month on makeup trends for this fall:

Forget Avon calling—the sirens’ call is in full effect for fall’s biggest makeup trends

Don’t be alarmed if your neck feels a bit sore this fall. You are probably suffering from SMW (Siren Makeup Whiplash), a dull pain brought about by the constant double- and triple-takes you instinctively do when spotting a lady all done up in fall’s screen-siren makeup trends. The looks are so willful, so in-your-face, that you can’t help but be drawn to them—repeatedly!

But, beware: Most of the bolder trends center around one feature—the eyes, lips or brows. To blend any two of these scene-stealing trends would be cosmetic blasphemy! We’ve isolated five of the season’s femme-fatale looks and paired them with the freshest fall offerings from cosmetics companies. Add to that the A-list makeup artists’ tips that we’ve included for giving these trends a glam go, and you’ve got sirens calling!