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Who isn't looking for ways to cut back these days? And in whatever ways possible. It seems to me that extravagant beauty treatments would be the first things to go. As they are not a matter of survival or personal growth. But according to Debbie Brinson, who owned Krimpers, a St. Petersburg, Fla., salon, for 34 years, beauty doesn't have to be sacrificed completely.

"What's going to make me look good for the longest period of time?'' is a question Brinson is often asked by her clients these days. And she has a list of do's and dont's that she claims will allow women to go further between hair treatments, without having to cut them out completely.

1. Condition: Using the proper conditioner, religiously, will help keep your hair in good shape longer.

2. Hide your roots: Going for many "dimensional" shades will hide growth longer than a single color will. And keep in mind that if you are a natural brunette and want to be blond, the maintenance is going to be more expensive. And vice versa.

3. Picking the right cut: Short hair and bangs will require more frequent hair cuts to keep your hair the length you want. If you are willing to grow your hair out you will only need a trim every few months.

4. Bangs: Never cut your own bangs. It will cost you more to have them fixed if you mess them up than to come in and have them done in the first place.

The bottom line is you don't have to sacrifice your beauty and self image during these times. Just be smart about the choices you make!

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