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After the recent death of Michael Jackson it seems everyone has been trying to get a piece of him. Perhaps knowing very well that whatever pieces they get will be worth quite a bundle some day. But the most interesting way Ive heard of freezing him in time involves something that is already worth a whole lot of money... diamonds.

LifeGem, a Chicago based company that has the ability to convert hair into diamonds, plans to do just that with a few locks from Michael's head. For those of you who cant remember that far back, or who were too young at the time, Micheal's hair caught on fire during a 1984 Pepsi commercial filming. Apparently some of the hair was saved by John Reznikoff, who helped extinguish the pop stars hair while on fire. This is the hair that will be turned to diamonds.If you look closely at the photo above you can see Michael's hair on fire. [in the back.]

The process isn't complicated. The hair will be heated to 5,400 degrees. "Reducing it to carbon so it can be crystallized and turned into diamonds."  Greg Herro, CEO for LifeGem said. It is basically the same process that occurs naturally on earth, only sped up significantly. It will only take 6 to 9 months. Rather than billions of years.

Jackson's diamonds will be sold privately. But the company does plan to to offer one of the diamonds to Jackson's children.

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