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March 30, 2011


I am one of the lucky women who make up 20% of the American armed services. We have restrictions on how we cut and wear our hair and our male counterparts have their own set of rules about grooming.

Guidelines for women suggest that hair should be non-faddish, practical, neat, and should not extend below the collar. Regulations do not define “faddish”.

I am going on leave for three weeks and want to lengthen my hair using extensions during my time at home. Which extensions would work best for me for such a short period of time?

PFC Karen S.. – Ft. Bragg, North Carolina


Upon checking with non-commissioned officers in our area, we learned that even though you are on leave, it does not mean that you have left the army. Protocol suggests that you maintain your image, dignity, and commitment to army regs at all times until you are discharged from the service.

We recommend that you postpone putting in hair extensions and be proud of the role that you play in defending our country and the military “appearance” that comes with the honor.

We are sending you a gift certificate from Donna Bella hair extensions that will provide you with enough hair for a full extension makeover when you return to civilian life. Including the fee for the extension stylist of your choice.

Thank you for what you do and for the great service you provide. God bless America and our female military personnel.

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