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Need a new hair do but don't have the money? There is a solution for you! Volunteer as a hair model at your favorite salon. When you volunteer at a hair salon you get a high quality hair cut done by a stylist in training, with supervision of course. And the best part... its free!

Wondering why salons take volunteers? Because it gives a learning stylist a chance to practice during their 18 month training program, as well as grow their clientele. And for you, well you get a great hair style that would have been costly otherwise.

Be aware that you will need to pay attention during your cut and color. The stylists will be looking to you for feedback during the secession. And depending how far a long in their training they are, the stylist will have little to lots of interaction with their instructor while doing your hair.

If you are interested in being a hair model, visit Craigslist and look under Services/Beauty for opportunities near you. You can also check salon websites, as they often advertise for volunteers. And also, its a good idea to tip. That's the best way to show anyone that you appreciate their services!

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