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Over the years, multicultural hairstyles have ranged from soft to stiff, to wild and natural looking. But today's trend seems to pick up on the notion that the best head of hair is a healthy one. Any product that might cause undue stress to the root or ends, or would rob the hair of valuable moisture, are being tossed away in favor of natural products intended to enhance and show off a natural look.

In B2B magazine, this month, the featured article by Victoria Wurdinger deals with this vary phenomenon and explores the options multicultural women have when it comes to taking care of their sometime untamed locks. Here's an excerpt:

Much like mainstream looks, multicultural hair has gone from stiff and seriously styled to soft, touchable and healthy looking. As a result, anything that causes damage or stress to the hair is out of favor, while products that add moisture, conditioning and shine are hot. But within that parameter, specific style trends are so versatile that every store needs a strong product mix to meet the needs of diverse shoppers. Multicultural consumers as a group are embracing a variety of looks. Individuals may roller-set their hair one day, flat-iron it the next or try out a texturizer for the best of both worlds: natural curl with greater control and manageability.