Supermodel Kate Moss gave designer pal Donatella Versace permission to put extensions in her four-year-old daughter Lila Grace’s hair. The 32-year-old brought Lila Grace to a Versace shoot with model pals Christy Turlington and Carolyn Murphy, who had also brought their children, one-year-old son Finn and six-year-old daughter Dylan Blue, respectively.

Moss tells fashion magazine Vogue "Lila and Donatella struck up a friendship. They put a weave in her hair and she had this long blonde hair down to her waist. Lila was (flicking her hair) and I was like, 'Oh my God!'" Moss admits her daughter is already a fashionista and they regularly argue over what the youngster is wearing.

She explains, "She says, 'Mum, do you think this is a good look?' Then she has a fashion crisis. I say, 'You'll wear what I tell you!' But she says she's the adult of the bedroom. We lay the clothes out before she goes to bed, but she goes, 'Mum, I need options.’”