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The New York Times released yesterday their fall 2006 beauty issue of the New York Times Magazine. The issue is jam packed with stories not typically found within the pages of a "style" or "hair" magazine.

An interview with Evan Rachel Wood reveals the actress's long history in glamorous roles and how she deals with celebrity off the red carpet. Another article examines spas and their architectural intent to help heal, while yet another article goes behind the scenes to uncover the fragrance industry’s “dirty little secret.”

And of course, we can't forget to include the short list of hair and beauty "must have's" included within the pages. We're happy to report, that most of these items aren't just intended for use by socialites and Manhattan's uppercrust teenagers. Lipsticks, several bars of soap, and a silk number, all made the list.

There's a lot more than Donna Bella Milan has listed in this article, so surf on over and check it out for yourself.