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October 27, 2010


I read an article that revealed that Paris Hilton was being sued for $35 million by Dream Catchers, the hair extension company that she supposedly endorses.  The article stated that she violated her contract by appearing in magazines and on television wearing hair extensions from a competing company.

My salon partner suggested that Paris wears Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and that the other company is you.  Could that be true?

Angie Z – Laguna, California


You are correct about Paris being in hot water but a high temp lifestyle is nothing new to the international socialite.

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Hairtech International who owns the clip-in extension brand Dream Catchers, gave Hilton $3.5 million to promote the extensions but claims that the reality starlet didn’t live up to her end of the bargain.

Donna Bella Milan extensions are sold to professional stylists throughout the world of which some are said to have “A” list clients.  But we offer no financial endorsements and everyone receives the same low price.

This is what we know.  Our best notoriety comes from satisfied customers of every walk of life, famous or not.  DB extensions are designed and priced for anyone, whether you are looking to for a little extra volume and length or a trend-setting red carpet makeover.

So unfortunately, Donna Bella cannot confirm or deny that Paris Hilton or any another celeb uses our extensions.  We will ask, if we ever bump into her.

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