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Students of the North Coventry Elementary School recently participated in the local Relay for Life through the Kids For A Cure program. And as a way to challenge the students to meet their fundraiser goal, which would ultimately go to the American Cancer Society, the principal, James Melchor, and many teachers promised what they called "The Purple Hair Dare and Bare Dare".

Well, the students raised more then $4,000. So on Wednesday morning the kids all watched, with shrills and bubbling laughter, as their principal and three faculty members had their hair dyed a brilliant shade of purple, while two other staff members shaved theirs all off.

Along with the execution of "The Purple Hair Dare and Bare Dare" promise, students were introduced to Anthony Nucifora, a kindergarten schoolmate of theirs. Anthony underwent chemotherapy for his Stage 4 hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer. And while he lost his hearing during the chemotherapy process, he won his battle with the cancer, and today is cancer free.

The school nurse spoke about healthy living and steps we can take to avoid getting cancer. Like eating healthy and not smoking. And the assembly demonstrated that even children can get cancer. But children can beat it as well.

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