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By now I think we all know that getting hair extensions can be a long and expensive process. While there are a number of different application methods, much time is always taken to be sure they are put on correctly.

But the same doesn't go for the reverse of having the extensions removed. There are several different ways to removed the the extensions. And when they are not removed properly, extreme damage to the clients actual hair is often done. Typically salons know one removal method really well, and stick with it. Unfortunately if that removal method doesn't coincide with the type of extension, the type of attachment method and the clients type of hair, it can leave them with severe hair loss.

There is a company called The Take Down Remover who specializes in proper removal of extensions and they offers training classes worldwide. They train in over 20 different removal methods, so that salons can practice many different techniques and use the right one with each client.

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