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Donna Bella Milan has been ahead of the curve in the hair extension world. We've got our eyes on a new hair extensions technology that has become available in the UK. The company, Wonderful Hair Extensions, have come up with a unique way to bond keratin dipped extensions to your hair.

How they work: Wonderful hair extensions are applied by a cold fusion applicator, and use a keratin-based polymer to attach the extensions. As well as ultra sonic waves, rather then the typical heat and glue method. Wonderful Hair Extensions are also applied to your roots, one strand at a time, allowing them to blend in much better.

It's well known that heat and glue, if used too often on hair, can be very damaging. The keratin method eliminates both of those harmful elements and the use of sonic waves to secure the bond is an intriguing twist in the extensions industry. The keratin base is also far more flexible that hot glue, which allows them to blend right into your natural hair. Because there is no heat involved that means there is also no scalp irritation.

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