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Bathing, or Spa-ing if you prefer, is not a modern invention that came along with the bathtub a couple hundred years ago. In fact, soaking in scented warm water has been a part of human culture for millenia. Because of this tradition, modern chic spas are more often than not offering ancient and ritualistic options for spa goers. DaySpa's article for October goes into detail about the many disparate traditions that involve soaking in water for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual healing. The beauty industry has it's roots in ancient egyptian culture, so it makes perfect sense to us at Donna Bella Milan Hair and Beauty Blog that the Spa industry would turn to it's ancient roots to better learn how to best "soak up tradition."

Here's a blurb from the featured article by Heather Larson:

Day spa owners on the cutting edge recognize that incorporating ancient rituals developed from cultures throughout the globe into their spa menus pleases their clients, and nowhere is this more evident than with baths. Traditional bathing customs common to other countries have met with resounding success in North American spas. What follows is a closer look at the spa translations of these exotic bathing regimens, including their histories, their uses and even some of their pitfalls.