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The question: Do men prefer curly hair or straight hair on a woman?

The experiment: A series of tests to determine if men prefer one style over the other.

The researcher: Teri Evans

Teri set out on a social experiment to determine if more men were attracted to her natural curls or flat ironed straight locks.

The first test: Online dating profiles. Teri Set up two profiles, exactly the same in every way. Except for one thing, her picture. In one profile she displays a picture of herself with straightened hair. And in the other profile, curly hair.

The result:

  • The straight profile was viewed 1,606 times for the month, while the curly one received 1,063 views during the month it was posted.
  • The flat-ironed look got 181 emails, compared to 60 emails for the curly profile.
  • On the flirtatious side, the stick-straight profile received 120 winks, while curly locks caught 60 winks.

The winner: Without meeting face to face, most men preferred straight hair.

The Second Test: To date some of the men she met from her online profiles. Teri decided she would best be able to read the men if she threw them off at first. She decided to show up as the opposite of what they expected. If they reached out to her straight profile, She would meet them as a curly, and vice versa.

The result: Most of the men seemed surprised by her unexpected hair. But when Teri asked about it most men said hair doesn't matter either way.

And perhaps it doesn't. But one thing that matters for sure was the hidden factor, her confidence. Teri noticed that the dates went much more smoothly when she showed up smiling and confident. As apposed to the dates when she was nervous about their reactions.  So whether you prefer to go curly or straight, what it most important is what you bring from the inside.

To read more about her dates go to: http://www.divinecaroline.com/24138/41884-curly-vs--straight--which-do/5