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Transplanting hair onto someones balding scalp is something they've been able to do for awhile now. But this most recent development is something I hadn't heard of til now... Transplanting eye brows!

Ive learned that hair transplants can be done all over the body, and are being done all around the world. The most popular transplant is of course the scalp. But also popular are eye lashes, beards, mustaches, chest hair...its like a hair relocation program!

Mindy McGinty, an aesthetician, had her eye brows tattooed on years ago. Unfortunately the color the the tattoo faded over time to a salmon orange color. [let this be a warning for everyone!] And since orange eye brows was not the look Mindy [or anyone] was going for, she had to have the tattoo removed by laser. Which also destroyed the hair follicles.

She tried several fake eye brow looks. From powdering them on to something called "fauxbrows" which fell off when she moved her face. It turned out the only option for her was a hair transplant. Doctors stole hair from her head, and implanted the follicles into her brows. Who'd a thought?

To learn more about the hair transplant process go to: