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Summer weddings tend to be picture perfect for many reasons. Beautiful weather, pink sunsets, summer tans... but hair can be tricky. Summer weather is often humid and can do a number on the brides hair. Luckily there are lots of ways to tame your do for the big day.

Updos: Wearing your hair up reduces the risk of it going bad after an hour or two. Whether you choose a bun or knot or twist. Use a bit of hair serum to keep frizzies at bay.

Down Do's: A lot of brides are choose the more natural hair down look, as it is a better reflection of them in their day to day lives. Whether long and flowy or pin curls is your look be sure to spritz with a finishing spray to lock in the look and shine.

Highlights: Stick to natural. Sun kissed highlights are natural and timeless. They photograph well, so you wont look at and wonder "What was i thinking with the zebra stripes?" Brunettes should go only go a shade or two lighter. The shade the sun would color their hair. And blondes should add several shades of color for depth. But stick to soft colors.

Flyaways: No matter what hair style you go with, you want something smooth and shiny. Which is often a magic trick when the weather is humid. Make sure to use the right products. But don't over do. Using too much shine serum will leave your hair looking greasy and dirty. Which is worse then hair they flyaways.

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