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If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, they're not. You are in fact looking at horses with glamorous hairdos. And they've not been photoshopped either.

Courtesy of Australian advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein, these photos recently hit the web in full force. To help get the horses camera ready, Wolkenstein enlisted the magical powers of celebrity hairstylist Acacio da Silva.

Neither having worked much with horses in the past, each customer took several hours. And while the horses seemed to enjoy the grooming part, the camera and lights were not as thrilling to them.

When asked about the purpose of this project, Wolkenstein said "It is important to do personal projects just for fun, not to sell anything, but just to remind you why you make images, but mostly, and simply, to make you smile,"

Well it certainly made me smile. But I am wondering if it isn't silly projects like these that are causing the rise in horse tail thefts in farms across the country!

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