A myriad of tools exist allowing women, and men I suppose, to get that perfect curl. The technology has slowly improved over the last 100 years, and to day represents a healthy chunk of salon and beauty supply sales - up to 35%. Beauty Store Magazine gives an in-depth look at the business behind curling irons. Here's a piece of the article by Victoria Wurdinger:

Sundries and electrics represent a $1.7-billion market in the United States, and styling iron sales, in particular, show little sign of cooling off. Curling and flat irons account for 30% to 35% of sales of all electrical hair goods, according to Professional Consultants & Resources, a full-service, strategic consulting company based in Plano, Texas. However, once you subtract salon sales, of the remaining $1.4 billion at mass retail, only $250 million flows through beauty supply stores. Still, couldn’t you use a decent-size slice of that chunk of change? While not all sundries are a great fit with every store, styling irons are practically indigenous. With the product category sizzling, consumers showing a distinct preference for professional-style tools and stylists demanding top-notch irons, stores that play to their advantages can easily increase their market share.

“Stores carry better lines, have more professional-use lines and have personnel who are stylists themselves or who are more knowledgeable about styling,” notes Cyrus Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants & Resources. To work these advantages, become fluent in the market drivers, enhance your understanding of new technologies and opt for live or video demonstrations whenever possible. After all, selling today is all about the experience.

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