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You may have heard about our new wavy hair, and we just want to let you know that it’s here and making a huge splash! This week, we wanted to give you the top three reasons why you should give our wavy hair a try.

1. If you’ve got wavy hair and extensions you’ve probably been straightening your natural hair to blend with the extensions, or adding waves to the extensions to blend with your natural hair. Either way, that is super time consuming and annoying! Now you can save time and avoid worrying if your extensions are blended, and really embrace your natural, gorgeous texture. Our extensions were designed to blend with naturally wavy hair—not too curly or too loose. Their shape will also hold up well, especially with the proper care. They will relax over time, but if you follow our wavy hair care tips, your waves will last for quite a while.

2. We offer wavy extensions in two classic installation methods (I-Link and Kera-Link), and they come in all of our most popular colors. You can still get the same, great Donna Bella extensions you’re used to, just in a new style. You can now perfectly match your hair’s color AND texture to our extensions!

3. It comes in our longest length: 22 inches. You can get the maximum styling potential with your waves! Keep them super-long or give ‘em a trim. Either way, you have so many styling options with all of that length and volume to work with!

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the I-Link and Kera-Link waves today!